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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hello we are back lol,

The FERRARI FXX yes the FXX this nifty little tyrant is all go and all show. Sporting a body similar to the infamous FERRAI ENZO this one is as well all carbon fiber but the handling is tighter and the acceleration is massive and very responsive. The FXX is sporting the the same 1 lug F1 style centric ring, but judging by the pic above the body is more sculpted for racing with the F1 style steering wheel and pedal's and stripped down interior. Now for the weird news this car goes for $2.5million and the only way you can get the car to drive it is by informing FERRARI that you want it days before a race event but when the sun goes down the question is (Do you get to take the car home???????) answer to that question is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! this machine is so fast so loud that the car is actually banned from race tracks. Yes that's rite banned from race tracks it's so loud that it shatters sound decimals an out runs anything you put up against it even its own little sister the ENZO.

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